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Funding Opportunities

New: Matching funds for qualifying Schools.

Creative Spirit is an approved provider of Character Education Programming and Professional Development through the Arizona Department of Education and the Arizona Character Education Foundation.

In times of limited funding for schools, Creative Spirit is pleased to announce its affiliation with Waechter Corkill Associates, LLC. Working in collaboration with Creative Spirit, Gail Corkill, Ed. D. has used her expertise to save your organization time and energy by helping you find potential funding opportunities to benefit your school community through Healthy Play, an educational program that works.

To ensure continued and expanded Healthy Play training, along with our mission to serve the best interests of all students behaviorally and academically, we hired Gail to conduct an extensive search of federal, state, private and corporate foundation funding opportunities that you may not be aware of. These opportunities have been customized to meet your Character Education and Safe Schools programming needs. Gail is also available to assist you and your staff with proposal and budget development. Specifically, she can help school and community agencies in the

  1. planning of proposal development,
  2. selection of a funding source inviting applications for new awards for Fiscal Year 2003 and beyond,
  3. design of the proposed project,
  4. grant application process, and
  5. identification of other agencies interested in a joint partnership or with a demonstrated commitment to contribute to the proposed project.

Download Special Funding Report
Adobe PDF File (20 pages, 200K)

"Funding Opportunities to Support Creative Spirit's
Healthy Play Trainings In School-Based and
Community-Based Organizations in
Arizona, California, Illinois, and New Mexico"
 by Gail W. Corkill, Ed. D.

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Please contact Gail for additional information:

Gail Waechter Corkill, Ed. D.
Information Marketing Small Business Owner
HC1 Box 150, Elgin, AZ 85611
Phone: (520) 490-0760
E-mail: (The best way to contact Gail.)

Short Biography

Gail Waechter Corkill completed her doctorate in Special Education from the University of Arizona. She has over 18 years experience in various areas of Special Education, including mental retardation, early childhood, learning disabilities, and the education of the gifted. Her experiences include: grants consultant, grant writer, grant project manager, assistant professor, educational consultant, workshop developer and presenter, clinical supervisor, learning disability specialist, special education resource teacher, psychometrist, and rehabilitation technician. She holds State of Arizona certificates in Elementary Education (K-8), Special Education (K-12) and Supervision (K-12). Also, she has presented at state and local conferences in Arizona and Nebraska, was a member of several councils on disability in Pima County, and served as a charter school board member in Santa Cruz County.

Areas of Expertise

Some of Gail's many strengths lie in her ability to write winning grants, conduct comprehensive grant searches, and facilitate grant writing teams. In addition, she has provided diagnostic and educational services to children and youth with exceptional abilities, designed/conducted research studies and needs assessments, and presented professional staff development trainings to school administrators, teachers, parents, and teacher assistants.

Funding Opportunities

  • US Department of Education Discretionary Grant Programs
  • Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI)
  • Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE)

Private Foundations
The following have been identified as possible funding opportunities. Click on the links below to download (Adobe PDF files) funding sources for the following four states:

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