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Try a Game

Ready for some fun? Try a couple of Healthy Games! Enjoy learning two favorite Healthy Play activities. Both are excellent games that foster equality. Additionally, these simple games enable the facilitator to assess their group’s level of compassion, creativity, fair play, and readiness for more advanced activities.

"Like, Totally It" Tag

"Like, Totally It" Tag

The rules are simple. Everyone is totally it at the same time. Whoever touches another person first, freezes him. When two people tag at the same time, both are frozen. Once they're frozen, they stay that way until the game ends. Play continues until only a few players are left unfrozen (about six). At that point, have everybody who is frozen calls out a five-second countdown to indicate that the game is coming to an end. To make sure everyone has a "toada-lay awe-sum" time, humorously explain this game in your best Valley girl (or boy) accent.

Safety Haven

Have several players selected as "it" (one for every six to eight players), and give them bandannas or some other identifying markers. If a player who is "it" tags someone else, "itness" (and the marker) is transferred to that person. Players can run around to avoid being tagged, or they can seek safety haven with another player by hugging and humming together. The safe period lasts as long as it takes to hum together on one breath, then it's time to find a new person to hum and hug with, or risk being tagged. Safety Haven

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