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Character Education - Joy in Learning

Character Education

Classroom and Playground Management

Creative Spirit's Healthy Play Is A Solution character education program offers educators and students simple, elegant and even fun techniques to end bullying, manage aggressive behaviors, build self-esteem, resolve conflicts peacefully, encourage diversity tolerance, practice core values and promote character education. Based on concepts from their book, Learning to Play, Playing to Learn, this teacher-oriented/school community training provides the strategies and to develop positive student behaviors and reduce violence. Additionally, the same character education program fosters a school community's ability to readdress academic issues in a fun and nurturing manner.

Safer Schools Create Smarter Students

The Healthy Play character education programs has made major positive impact on the health, safety and academics of children and educators throughout the country. Whether in schools, neighborhoods, after-school, recreational, church, and other youth services, Healthy Play’s Character Education program works!

Character Education & Classroom/Playground Management

Learning to Play, Playing to Learn, Revised Third Edition

Third Edition with over 80 activities, 100 additional pages
with easy step-by-step instructions specifically designed
for teachers and school counselors.

Curriculum and Activities for Classroom and Playground Management
Reduce Bullying, Build Character and Support Learning

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Learning to Play, Playing to Learn, Revised Third Edition
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Principals notice the difference. Annabel Crites of Gale School reports "After three years of using Creative Spirit’s program we have realized a 95% decrease in the number of students being sent to me with problems. My average number of referrals is now (point) .5 students per week."

Teachers see the results. "After five years of Goals 2000 study at 29 schools evaluating Creative Spirit's program, 85.5% of the teachers who used it in their curriculum 3, 4 or 5 times each week reported a behavioral problem reduction of 50% to 100% in acts of aggression, bullying, threats, non-cooperation and teasing."

Healthy Play Character Education is more than conflict resolution. It is conflict prevention.

"After three years of utilizing the Healthy Play program our school went from 654 to 275 behavioral referrals a year. Of significance is that we went up from 992 to 1089 students. We also saw a 35% increase in SAT9 Reading scores."

Deborah Bailey
Principal, William C. Jack School

Learning to Play, Playing to Learn
Character Education

  • Manage Aggressive Behaviors

  • Live Life Skills

  • Conflict / Violence Prevention

  • Unite Your Staff

  • Make Your Playground Safe

  • Reduce Problem Behaviors

  • Implement Diversity Tolerance

  • Build Character

Where do the problem behaviors occur on your campus?

We bet you didn’t say the library, computer room and during band. You probably focused on school areas and times when children are less structured or where their disruptions reduce the learning potential for the whole class; the playground, classrooms, hallways, during recess and before or after school.

Creative Spirit’s character education program teaches children to embrace responsible behaviors in a safe healthy manner. How is this accomplished? It is NOT accomplished by more workbooks, lectures, assemblies and lesson plans. Children do NOT just read or hear about "friendship, conflict resolution and diversity tolerance" and instantaneously know how to do them. Making friends, caring, sharing, resolving conflicts, reducing violence are things you have to do and live.

Learning to Play, Playing to Learn

Based on concepts from our book, Learning to Play, Playing to Learn, our teacher-oriented/school community character education training provides the strategies and 25 practical activities to develop positive student behaviors. Additionally, we can also work directly with your students and teachers in their classroom. This ensures that everyone will know the concepts, expectations and have participated in the using the common language before we leave your location.

The additional benefit for your school in using this program is that it serves as a refreshing team building seminar for your teachers. Your school will have a training, which will reduce stress, build morale, cooperation and creativity. Teachers will implement a program that is simple, eloquent, effective and FUN to do. Through a curriculum on character education and school safety, Creative Spirit’s Healthy Play Is A Solution program will meet your goals.

What Our Site Offers and Where to Find It:

 Funding Opportunities for Creative Spirit Character Education Programs

Learn about potential funding opportunities to benefit your school community through Healthy Play, an educational program that works.

Try a Character Education Game

Enjoy learning two favorite Healthy Play activities. Both are excellent games that foster equality. These simple games also enable the facilitator to assess their group’s level of compassion, creativity, fair play, and readiness for more advanced activities.

Meet the Facilitators

Learn about Spencer Gorin & Charlie Steffens, the creators and origin of Creative Spirit’s Joy in Learning Healthy Play character education programs.

Educational Store

Find books, videos and other merchandise that can enhance learning and character education building potential!

Workshops / Conferences

Attending a Healthy Play Safer School/Smarter Student character education training teaches all participants knowledge to successfully implement the program on the following day at your school or organization.


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Read the three year research project on the Healthy Play educational curriculum conducted at Lincoln Elementary School.

Business Seminars & Teambuilding

Our business seminar, the Professional Applications of Play on Productivity focuses on creativity, humor and play as the foundation to improve personal and professional performance. Creative Spirit designs each program to meet your organization's goals while keeping focus on creating community and learning as we play.

Request Information / Feedback

Contact us if you have questions and/or comments, or to receive ongoing news on Creative Spirit character education training, events and information.


Read the newspaper articles about Creative Spirit and about the praise educators and youth servicing professionals have to say about Healthy Play character education programs.

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