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Creative Spirit and The Office of the Pima County School Superintendent's collaborative project, Healthy Play: A Peaceful Solution to End Bullying received a grant form The Fund for Civility, Respect and Understanding to address the end-of-bullying needs of four low income schools. 

Pictured Below:: Spencer Gorin, Representative Ron Barber and Jaymie Jaccobs.

Spencer Gorin, Representative Ron Barber and Jaymie Jaccobs Spencer Gorin, Representative Ron Barber and Jaymie Jaccobs

By Diana Cole
September 6, 2002

Creative Spirit
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May 8, 1999

Working Things Out is Child's Play
Moreno Elementary uses games to teach getting along
By Amita Sharma

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Phoenix, Arizona

November 13, 1996

Program Helps Teachers Deal with Disruption
Key to harmony: Creative Play
By Mike Padgett, Staff writer
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Praise for Creative Spirit

"After three years of utilizing the Healthy Play program our school went from 654 to 275 behavioral referrals a year. Of significance is that we went up from 992 to 1089 students. We also saw a 35% increase in SAT9 Reading scores." 

Deborah Bailey, Principal
William C. Jack School 

"It is with pleasure that I recommend Creative Spirit to others. Charlie Steffens and Spencer Gorin have produced a program, which impacted our total school. We are delighted with the transformation that we are seeing in our faculty and students. Kids are acting like kids again--having fun and feeling happy while they learn."

Annabel Crites, Principal
Gale Elementary School

"This is the most useful staff development I have ever attended. It is the best learning and management tool I have ever seen."

Dave Mobley, Principal
Mojave Mesa School

"We saw a real change in teacher and student attitude that has lasted long after the planned lessons. This is one program that has made the playground monitors and principal happy!"

Mary Belle Mitchell, Principal
Fort Lowell Elementary School

"I was introduced to Healthy Play as the National Association of School Counselors Conference. I was so excited about the concept that I brought the whole program to our school. It was the first in-service that everybody in the entire faculty agreed was worth their time to attend. Our elementary school experienced the highest staff evaluation ratings in the history of the school for an incredible week of training and FUN with Creative Spirit. The seminar provided the skills to change student behavior. Our teachers are now implementing this wonderful program. The additional benefit was the cooperation, stress reduction, morale lifting, and refreshing team building for our faculty. Fantastic. Money well spent."

Trish Hatch, Counselor
Moreno Valley, CA

"This unique approach for behavioral, team building, and social skills training has unlimited potential for all children and adults with or without disabilities. It can provide a fun and realistic 'practice area' as an alternative to worksheets on social skill development and team building for children and adults as well as it provides a commonality between students and staff for a genuine rapport."

Gene Kinghorn M.Ed.
Maxwell Middle School

"Creative Spirit would be a tremendous asset to any setting where teamwork, communication, and positive morale is paramount. Their humor and playfulness is infectious."

Richard Popeski M.D.
Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Assoc.

"I believe that anyone interested in improving children's ability to problem solve, interact appropriately with peers and adults, staying on task, building self-esteem, developing cooperation and having fun would benefit from this approach."

Steffie O'Neill, Program Director/Children
Scottsdale Prevention Institute

"What FUN! Fruchthendler just completed training with Charlie Steffens and Spencer Gorin of Creative Spirit. I don't think I have ever enjoyed an in-service so much. My staff participated without a grumble or groan. They joined in the fun willingly and I don't think I have ever seen them enjoy each other so much. In addition to this, they learned a LOT!"

Kathleen R. Hayes, Principal
Fruchthendler Elementary School

"Upon utilizing Creative Spirit’s Healthy Play Is A Solution program our school has experienced an eighty percent reduction in our suspension rate."

Ignacio Cabrerra
Hendrick Ranch
Moreno Valley, CA

"We haven't ever had an in-service as effective as Creative Spirit for teacher team building. Laughter bonded us while we acquired positive and purposeful ideas for students. Our students love it too!"

Barbara Flood-Stokes
Staff Development
Hohokam Middle School

"Last year three people attended the Healthy Play training and used what they learned with our students. It worked so well for them that we trained our entire faculty. At one point this year we went 12 weeks without a single referral for playground fighting."

Janell Black, Principal
Phoenix, AZ

"All the activities were rewarding in several ways. First of all, we had fun. Secondly, we were reminded how to work together and how to get along with others. And thirdly, we were given some fantastic ideas to use with our students."

Georgia Fortin
In-service Coordinator
Isaac Junior High

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